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Crowns Get Your Damaged Teeth Back on Track

How dental crowns from your dentist in Columbia, MO, can rebuild your smile

Struggling with teeth that have been affected by physical damage, decay, or a similar issue. If so, dental crowns could be the treatment that you need. Read on to learn how Dr. G. Michael Ogden of Ogden Dental in Columbia, MO, can rebuild your smile with this treatment variety.

What dental crowns can do for you

Dental crowns work differently than dental fillings. Crowns cover the entire surface of your teeth above the gumline, working as a suit-of-armor to protect your teeth from the stress of biting and chewing. With the help of a dental crown, the stress of using teeth is spread across the entire surface of a crowned tooth, protecting it from breaking.

A large metal filling may actually weaken a tooth because the filling separates the tooth into sections, creating a wedge between different parts of your tooth. When you bite down on a large metal filling, you run the risk of the filling breaking off, often taking part in your tooth with it.

Dental crowns are the perfect choice to provide ultimate protection for your smile. In some cases, if a tooth is badly damaged, your dentist may have to place a post in the tooth and build up a metal framework around the post. The post and buildup will provide a foundation for the dental crown.

Dental crowns provide superb protection, but that isn’t all they can do. They can also make your smile more beautiful! One of the most common crown materials is porcelain, which reflects light and looks just like tooth enamel. When a full porcelain crown is placed, it is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Need dental work? Give us a call

You don’t have to settle for a broken smile! If your smile needs a little TLC, consider dental crowns to get your smile back on track. To learn more about how dental crowns can help your smile, call Dr. G. Michael Ogden of Ogden Dental in Columbia, MO, at (573) 499-1406. Call today!

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