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The Importance of Periodontal Health

Your gums tell us a lot about your current health status!

Keeping your gums healthy is just as important as maintaining healthy teeth. Here at Ogden Dental, our Columbia, MO, dentist Dr. Michael Ogden and his team are dedicated to providing families with exceptional preventive dentistry that they need to maintain healthy smiles. Why are healthy gums so important for both your oral and general health? Keeping your gums healthy can,

Preserve Your Natural Teeth 

Did you know that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults? Gums support your teeth, so when pockets of infection buildup between the gums and teeth, they pull the tissue away from your teeth. This results in loose teeth and eventual tooth loss. Therefore, by catching and treating gum disease early, or by practicing good oral hygiene to keep gum disease at bay, you also protect your teeth.

Keep Gums Looking Their Best 

Gums that are inflamed and infected can also take a toll on the appearance of your smile. Gum disease often causes receding gums, which can throw off the symmetry and attractiveness of your smile. Not to mention, gum disease can also lead to red, inflamed, and puffy gums. By maintaining healthy teeth and gums you also ensure that your smile looks its best for the rest of your life.

Maintain Good Overall Health 

Did you know that periodontal disease has been linked to some pretty serious systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, and pregnancy complications? Long-term inflammation within the gums could be to blame for the development of these serious and sometimes chronic issues. By keeping your gums healthy you can also reduce your risk for these serious health problems.

What are some ways to improve my periodontal health? 

Not sure whether you are doing everything you should to keep your gums in the best shape possible? Start following these tips to improve your periodontal health today and to reduce your risk for gum disease and other health problems,

  • Make sure that you are brushing your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Always floss your teeth at least once a day (flossing is crucial for keeping gums healthy and free of plaque buildup).
  • Quit smoking or avoid smoking altogether, which can greatly increase your risk of gum disease.
  • Eat a healthy diet that is full of vegetables, healthy fats (e.g. fatty fish such as salmon), nuts, legumes, and lean sources of protein. Avoid sugar and starches, which can increase plaque and tartar buildup and gum inflammation.
  • Visit your dentist every six months for routine cleanings and checkups. If gum disease is detected during the early stages, it can be reversed with lifestyle changes and more regular dental cleanings.

Ogden Dental in Columbia, MO, is dedicated to providing you with the routine checkups and care you need to keep your gums and teeth in tip-top shape. Schedule your next cleaning with our dental team by calling (573) 449-7483.

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