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How Tooth-Colored Fillings Help Restore Your Smile

A dental filling doesn’t have to be obvious to everyone around you. In fact, white composite fillings aren’t even visible!

Finding out that you have a cavity can be frustrating. After all, you try your hardest to keep your teeth clean. When our Columbia, MO fillingsdentist, Dr. Michael Ogden, detects a cavity we will most likely recommend getting a dental filling. And while there are different kinds of fillings available, tooth-colored fillings are certainly the most popular option.

It seems rather obvious that tooth colored fillings are the ideal option for many of our patients because no one will ever be able to tell that you have one. The resin used to fill the tooth is actually matched to the shade of your tooth so that it blends in seamlessly. Even though metal fillings are more durable and certainly can be ideal for back teeth, if you are treating a tooth that is visible when you smile then chances are good that our Columbia general dentist will recommend tooth-colored fillings because they offer a major aesthetic advantage over other types of fillings.

How is a dental filling placed?

We pride ourselves on restorative dentistry that will give you back that healthy, beautiful smile. Plus, no one will be able to tell that you even had dental work done! Once we have drilled out the cavity and cleaned the tooth we will need to rebuild it by applying this tooth-colored resin. The resin is moldable, so it’s easy to shape and trim to fit your tooth. Once we have achieved the ideal appearance we will use a dental light to harden the filling to the tooth.

Once the filling has been properly shaped, adjusted and hardened, the last real step is to polish the filling to make sure that it shines like the rest of your tooth. Now you can feel confident smiling without other people noticing your filling!

Do you need to schedule your six-month dental cleaning? Worried that you may be dealing with a cavity? Then it’s time you turned to Ogden Dental in Columbia, MO for all of your smile needs.

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