Give Yourself a Truly Whiter Smile

Turn to cosmetic dentistry in Columbia to give you your most radiant smile yet.cosmetic dentistry

As you can imagine, having a white smile certainly exudes a more youthful appearance than one that has stained and dull teeth. If you enjoy coffee, red wine, teas, dark sodas and a number of different foods and drinks then you may be dealing with your fair share of discolorations. But by turning to teeth whitening from our Columbia, MO cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michael Ogden, you can achieve a more youthful smile. Plus, you’ll probably find yourself smiling more often, and that’s never a bad thing!

Why turn to those over-the-counter whitening toothpastes and kits that won’t give you the results you want even after weeks of continual use? Don’t you want something more effective? Here at Ogden Dental, Dr. Ogden believes that everyone can and should have a beautiful smile.

Our in-office whitening system boasts the strongest and highest-quality bleaching gels you can get. You won't be able to find a whitening product this effective at your local drugstore.

In-office whitening allows us to remove deep-set external stains caused by aging, smoking and what you eat or drink. You wouldn’t believe how much whiter your smile will be after just one session. On average, most patients see a 5 to 7 shade difference. Also, in-office whitening only takes about an hour to complete.

Of course, not everyone is keen on sitting in a dental chair unless it’s time for their six-month checkup and we understand that. If you aren’t in quite a hurry to whiten your smile but still want better results than those commercial whitening products then it’s time you asked us about our at-home whitening system. With custom whitening trays that ensure that you get an even whitening every time, you can see results after only a couple weeks.

You too can get a brilliant smile with a simple whitening session right here in our Columbia, MO dental office (or at home, too!). Just call Ogden Dental today to schedule your whitening session.