How Dental Crowns Strengthen Damaged Teeth

Maybe you've let a cavity go too long without treatment. Perhaps you bit down on a piece of hard candy and broke part of your tooth. In dental crownscases like these, Dr. Michael Ogden of Ogden Dental in Columbia, MO may recommend a dental crown to protect your tooth. Here's how crowns help restore tooth function and keep your smile healthy.
What is a dental crown?
Crowns are designed to be a protective layer over a tooth that has sustained significant damage. Whether this damage comes from an accident or advanced decay, your Columbia, MO cosmetic dentist will determine if the trauma is extensive enough to warrant a crown. These dental restorations, made from ceramic, porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal, are designed to fit perfectly over the impaired tooth and are cemented in place using a strong adhesive. Dental crowns are made to resemble natural teeth, so no one but you will know that you have a restoration. Sometimes a temporary crown is made to cover the tooth while the permanent crown is being manufactured in a dental laboratory.
What do crowns do?
When your Columbia, MO cosmetic dentist places a crown over your injured tooth, you're giving that tooth a new lease on life. Reinforcing the top portion with a crown saves the roots, which are integral to the health of your other teeth. When you have a space in your mouth from a missing tooth, the teeth on either side of it begin to shift. This can lead to further complications including jawbone deterioration and other dental problems.
If you think one or more of your teeth might need a crown, don't hesitate. Call Ogden Dental in Columbia, MO to have Dr. Michael Ogden examine your situation. We're here to help restore your smile and your dental health!