The Benefits Of Dental Bonding

Imagine a cost effective, painless and low-maintenance way to update the color and shape of your teeth. Does it sound too good to be true? At Ogden Dental in Columbia, MO, this treatment is a reality through the use of dental bonding. Dr. Michael Ogden offers this cosmetic dental procedure to many of his patients who want to enhance the appearance of their teeth. He explains how it works here.Dental Bonding

What is dental bonding?

Bonding is a procedure that involves applying a pliable material called resin - made from plastic and glass - to teeth that are in need of cosmetic treatment. After the resin is carefully sculpted into place by your dentist, it is then "cured" using a special light to harden it. Your Columbia dentist often recommends it to people who have discolored or misshapen teeth; it is a long-lasting and inexpensive treatment that yields significant results.

What can bonding do for me?

Some people have tooth discoloration that does not respond to traditional whitening treatments. This can be due to antibiotic treatment given during childhood, damage to the inner tissues of the teeth or prior dental work. Bonding from your dentist applies a thin layer of custom-colored resin to the visible portion of the tooth, masking the discoloration and giving you a brighter, more attractive smile.

Other people have gaps, chips or naturally misshapen teeth that stand out when they smile. Bonding, which your Columbia dentist carefully matches to the shade of your other teeth, fills in the spaces to give these abnormal teeth a more attractive shape and more even appearance.

If you'd like to learn more about the advantages of dental bonding - or any other cosmetic dental procedure - we at Ogden Dental in Columbia, MO look forward to taking your call. A consultation with Dr. Ogden will be the first step in making over your smile!