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Is your smile dull, tired, or damaged? Do you feel as though a smile rejuvenation could boost your confidence and help you feel great about the way you look? If so, cosmetic dentistry could be the best treatment option for you! These procedures focus on making your smile beautiful rather than helping it function correctly, and they can help overhaul your teeth! Learn more about cosmetic dentistry by reading below, and if you are interested in pursuing one of these treatments, contact Dr. Michael Ogden of Ogden Dental in Columbia, MO!

Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Columbia, MO

  • Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is a fast and easy way to ensure that you up the wow-factor of your smile. With fast treatment times and a big impact, whitening treatments can lighten your smile up to 10 shades in a single dental appointment.
  • Bonding: Dental bonding usually corrects slight imperfections in a tooth, such as chips or discolorations. However, this treatment can also help improve the appearance of slight gaps and misalignments.
  • Veneers: Dental veneers are versatile, allowing you to either tweak a single flawed tooth or completely overhaul your smile. Veneers are a porcelain restoration which fit over the tooth to mask its appearance.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment which improves issues like misaligned teeth or bite problems such as overbites and underbites. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligner trays to move the teeth to their final positions.
  • Gum Contouring: Gum contouring corrects teeth with too much or too little gum showing. This procedure evens out the gum tissue to improve the appearance of the smile.

For more information on cosmetic dentistry, please contact Dr. Michael Ogden at Ogden Dental in Columbia, MO. Call (573) 449-7483 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Ogden today!

By Ogden Dental
September 10, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental CrownsAre you in need of dental crowns? Dental crowns are dental restorations that completely cover the outside of the teeth. Dental crowns can correct many different types of dental issues. Ogden Dental, which is located in Columbia, MO, offers a complete range of dental services. Dr. Michael Ogden is one of the finest dentists in Columbia, MO. Read on to learn about dental crowns and how they can help your smile.

1. Strengthen Teeth- Dental crowns are cemented into place. Once placed, the dental crown becomes the tooth's outer surface. The crown restores the tooth's strength, size, and shape. Dental crowns strengthen weakened and damaged teeth and protect them from further damage. Crowns are incredibly strong and they will restore full function of your teeth.

2. Restore Decayed Teeth- Crowns are used to restore badly decayed teeth. Tooth decay is the destruction of your tooth enamel. Causes of tooth decay include bacteria, frequent snacking, drinking sugary beverages, and poor oral hygiene. Crowned teeth are protected from decay, except for the gum line.

3. Fix Cracked Teeth- Cracking a tooth is a common phenomenon. It can happen as a result of an accident or eating hard foods like nuts or hard candy. Fractured teeth can make eating painful, interfering with oral function. A dental crown can be used to restore a tooth that has been cracked. A crown will restore the structure of your tooth so you can eat in comfort. 

4. Repair Chipped Teeth- Chipping a tooth is very common. A dental crown can be used to repair a tooth that has been chipped. A dental crown can make your chipped tooth look whole and healthy again. If your tooth is chipped, see your dentist as soon as possible. Otherwise, your tooth could be damaged further or become infected.

5. Whiten Teeth- Tobacco use is a common cause of tooth discoloration and can turn the teeth brown or yellow. Pigments from dark-colored drinks and foods also cause stains on your teeth. Since crowns are placed over the teeth, they can correct tooth discoloration.

If you need dental crowns, why wait? We can help you today. Call Ogden Dental at (573) 449-7483 today to schedule a consultation with your dentist in Columbia, MO. We want all of our patients to have a smile that's strong and beautiful!

By Ogden Dental
January 10, 2018
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Wanting a beautiful and bright smile is more than a matter of vanity and personal preference. Studies have shown that not only does thecosmetic dentistry state of a person's teeth affect their personal confidence and self esteem, it also affects how they are perceived by others, in everything from social to professional interactions. From stains and discolorations to chips and cracks, cosmetic dentistry can makeover your smile and improve your quality of life. Dr. Michael Ogden, a cosmetic dentist in Columbia, MO, offers a number of options to fix your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Columbia, MO

Dental stains are one of the most common cosmetic problems. Consumer products like whitening toothpastes and gels can help to a degree, but a professional teeth whitening treatment can brighten your teeth by up to eight shades and last for several years with good oral hygiene and diet.

What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do For Your Smile

In addition to tooth color, cosmetic dentistry treatments can change size and shape to fix common imperfections and damage like chips, cracks, and gaps (large spaces and bite/alignment problems may require orthodontic treatment). There are a number of options available to improve your smile, including:

  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Direct composite veneers
  • Tooth colored fillings
  • Crowns and bridgework
  • Dental implant restorations

When Should You See a Cosmetic Dentist?

Sports injuries, accidents, and even biting down into a hard piece of candy or other hard foods are typically the main cause of chipped and cracked teeth. But the normal aging process and wear and tear over time can also dull your smile. Whatever the reason, a cosmetic dental treatment can get your smile looking better than ever.

Find a Dentist in Columbia, MO

Your best smile could be as close as a trip to the dentist. For more information on the cosmetic dentistry option that is best for you, contact our office by calling (573) 449-7483 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ogden today.

By Ogden Dental
September 14, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure for improving the appearance of teeth with cracks, chips, discoloration or spacing issues. A tooth dental bondingcolored material is bonded to the teeth to conceal the problem area. Once the bonding material dries, it blends in and looks like part of the natural tooth and the problem area will no longer be visible. At Ogden Dental, Dr. G. Michael Ogden is your Columbia, MO area dentist for dental bonding and other dental procedures.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can be used to correct visible imperfections in teeth. Your Columbia dentist can help you decide if dental bonding is the right choice for improving the appearance of your smile. Dental bonding can be used to improve your smile in the following ways:

  • Covering discolorations and stains on teeth.
  • Concealing cracks or chips in teeth.
  • Filling in gaps and spaces between teeth.
  • Correcting the shape of oddly shaped teeth.
  • As an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings.

During the dental bonding procedure, a composite resin material is applied to the teeth where improvements or corrections are needed or desired. For instance, the bonding material can be used to form the missing portion of a chipped tooth and make it whole again. The bonding material can be color matched to the surrounding teeth for a natural appearance. The material is applied to the tooth, then dried. During the drying process, the material hardens and bonds with the natural tooth. Once bonded, it looks like part of the natural tooth.

Aside from dental bonding, there are other options for cosmetically enhancing your smile. Like bonding, veneers can also conceal imperfections, such as discolorations and chips. Veneers can also transform the look of oddly shaped teeth. Dental crowns are another option for improving the appearance of teeth. However, dental bonding is a smart choice for many patients dealing with minor issues. Additionally, the procedure for dental bonding is quicker and less complicated than for other options.

Dental bonding is an effective option for transforming your smile. It can be used to repair chipped teeth, conceal discolorations and close gaps between teeth. To find out if dental bonding can work for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ogden, your Columbia, MO dentist, by calling Ogden Dental at (573) 449-7483.


There are a number of ways to improve unsightly teeth. You can, of course, replace them with dental implants — but not if they're still viable. You can crown them: however, you'll have to significantly reduce their structure for the crowns to fit over them.

There is another less invasive option for teeth with mild to moderate imperfections — you can cover them with porcelain veneers. As the name implies, a veneer is a thin covering of dental porcelain bonded to the outside surface of a tooth. They literally put a “new face” on chipped, stained or slightly gapped teeth.

You'll first need a dental examination to ensure your teeth are reasonably healthy and that you don't have any significant dental problems that could interfere with the veneers. We can then design your veneers' shape and color to achieve the look you desire. We can also create a temporary “trial smile” with acrylic replicas of your proposed veneers to give you a realistic impression of your future smile.

The next step is the possibility the teeth need to be prepared for the veneers. Although quite thin, veneers can still make the teeth look larger or bulky. To compensate, we remove some of the tooth enamel. Although much less than for a crown, this alteration is still permanent: your teeth will need some form of restoration from now on. There are also “no-prep” veneers, which require no tooth surface reduction.  Ask us if this is an option.

We then make an impression of the teeth, which with other information will guide a technician at a dental laboratory to manually create your new veneers. This can take several weeks and requires a high degree of artistry to produce a custom product that will match your teeth.

Once they've arrived, we'll use a permanent bonding process to precisely attach them to your teeth.  It will then be up to you to care for your veneers, especially not biting down on anything hard that could chip or crack them. You should also maintain regular dental visits and proper oral hygiene to keep your smile as bright and attractive as possible.

Although small in size, veneers can make a big impression. They can restore the smile you once had — or give you the look you've always wanted.

If you would like more information on porcelain veneers, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Porcelain Veneers: Strength & Beauty as Never Before.”