Direct Composite Fillings

There are no special preparations to take before this procedure.  However, be aware that if you are going to have your lower teeth numb, your tongue will be numb as well for about three hours from the beginning of your appointment.  So don't plan any heavy chewing or a public speaking engagement during that time!

We take a great deal of pride in producing restorations without postoperative discomfort or sensitivity.  Particularly after the first day, you should experience an unawareness that anything was done.  So if you have any sensitivity beyond a day or two, we need to see you back.

In particular, if you experience any tenderness to chewing or biting pressure, this is something that needs to addressed right away.  Although we do our best to have your bite perfectly adjusted before leaving the office, on rare occasion it's possible to miss something, particularly if your appointment was over an hour long.  So be sure to call us if anything doesn't feel right.  You will not "wear down" any high spots, and you can cause damage to the pulp (nerve tissue) inside your tooth by waiting too long.

One exception:  If in addition to tenderness when chewing foods of substance, you also have similar tenderness when opening widely, that tenderness is likely due to some mild inflammation in your jaw joint from being open so long, or possibly in the path of the injection to get you numb. 

Otherwise, chew away and enjoy a newly restored tooth!

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